put method Null safety

Future put(
  1. K key,
  2. V value,
  3. {int? time_to_live,
  4. int? time_to_born,
  5. int? time_to_refresh,
  6. bool? isCascade,
  7. bool? isBinary,
  8. bool? isEncrypted,
  9. String? dataSignature}

Associates the specified value with the specified key. If the key store previously contained a mapping for the key, the old value is replaced by the specified value.

@param key - Key associated with a value. @param value - Value to be associated with the specified key. @param time_to_live - Duration in milliseconds after which the key should expire automatically. @param time_to_born - Duration in milliseconds after which the key will become active. @returns sequence number from commit log if put is success. null otherwise Throws a DataStoreException if the the operation fails due to some issue with the data store.


Future<dynamic> put(K key, V value,
    {int? time_to_live,
    int? time_to_born,
    int? time_to_refresh,
    bool? isCascade,
    bool? isBinary,
    bool? isEncrypted,
    String? dataSignature});