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A command line tool to help developers build an @ platform application.

Who is this for?

This is for flutter developers looking to build end to end encrypted apps.

Getting Started

This application is an extension of flutter create, that replaces the main.dart file with our own custom template. We also perform the additional build configurations required for the onboarding package.

The at_app package contains two pieces:

  • Executable
  • Library

Together these two parts work together to provide app developers with the prerequisites of an @ platform app.


The executable is an extension of the flutter create command, and can be used to create a new @ platform app from our template.

Activate the executable:

flutter pub global activate at_app

Make sure the pub cache bin is on your path:

Windows: %LOCALAPPDATA%/Pub/Cache/bin
Mac/Linux: ~/.pub-cache/bin

Create a new @ platform app:

at_app create [...options] <output directory>

Or for windows

at_app.bat create [...options] <output directory>


at_app create includes all of the flutter create flags, with the exception of --template, --sample, --list-samples

--namespace-nThe @protocol app namespace to use for the application.(defaults to "")
--root-domain-rThe @protocol root domain to use for the (default), ve
--api-key-kThe api key for at_onboarding_flutter.(defaults to "")


The library portion contains two classes, to see the usage of these classes please generate an app using the executable above.


To manage the environment variables configured via at_app create (listed in the table above)


A wrapper for the MaterialApp widget to provide the AtClientService via global context.


Created by XavierChanth