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A Dart library to encode and decode various archive and compression formats.

The library has no reliance on dart:io, so it can be used for both server and web applications.

The archive library currently supports the following decoders:

  • Zip (Archive)
  • Tar (Archive)
  • ZLib Inflate decompression
  • GZip Inflate decompression
  • BZip2 decompression

And the following encoders:

  • Zip (Archive)
  • Tar (Archive)
  • ZLib Deflate compression
  • GZip Deflate compression
  • BZip2 compression


Extract the contents of a Zip file, and encode the contents as a BZip2 compressed Tar file:

import 'dart:io';
import 'package:archive/archive.dart';
void main() {
  // Read the Zip file from disk.
  List<int> bytes = new File('').readAsBytesSync();

  // Decode the Zip file
  Archive archive = new ZipDecoder().decodeBytes(bytes);

  // Extract the contents of the Zip archive to disk.
  for (ArchiveFile file in archive) {
    String filename =;
    if (file.isFile) {
      List<int> data = file.content;
      new File('out/' + filename)
            ..createSync(recursive: true)
    } else {
      new Directory('out/' + filename)
          ..create(recursive: true);

  // Encode the archive as a BZip2 compressed Tar file.
  List<int> tar_data = new TarEncoder().encode(archive);
  List<int> tar_bz2 = new BZip2Encoder().encode(tar_data);

  // Write the compressed tar file to disk.
  File fp = new File('test.tbz');