pub package Flutter workflow

A package providing support for internationalizing Flutter applications using intl package with Arbify.


$ flutter pub run arbify:download --help
Arbify download command-line utility.
-h, --help                Shows this help message.
-i, --[no-]interactive    Whether the command-line utility can ask you interactively.
                          (defaults to on)
-s, --secret=<secret>     Secret to be used for authenticating to the Arbify API.  
                          Overrides the secret from the .secret.arbify file. 

Use flutter pub run arbify:download to run a command-line utility that will guide you through setting up arbify package. This generally comes to two things:

  1. Adding configuration to your pubspec.yaml file

         project_id: 17
         outpur_dir: lib/l10n # default, can be ommited
  2. Adding your secret (obtained at to .secret.arbify file.

Sample output

$ flutter pub run arbify:download

Output directory doesn't exist. Creating... done.
en                  Downloading... done.
pl                  Downloading... done.
mk                  Downloading... done.
Generating l10n.dart file... done 
Generating messages dart files... done