QueryPredicate class

A predicate contains instructions for filtering rows when performing a Query.

Predicates currently are the WHERE clause in a SQL statement and are used verbatim by the PersistentStore. In general, you should use Query.where instead of using this class directly, as Query.where will use the underlying PersistentStore to generate a QueryPredicate for you.

A predicate has a format and parameters. The format is the String that comes after WHERE in a SQL query. The format may have parameterized values, for which the corresponding value is in the parameters map. A parameter is prefixed with '@' in the format string. Currently, the format string's parameter syntax is defined by the PersistentStore it is used on. An example of that format:

var predicate = new QueryPredicate("x = @xValue", {"xValue" : 5});


QueryPredicate(String format, Map<String, dynamic> parameters)
Default constructor [...]
QueryPredicate.and(Iterable<QueryPredicate> predicates)
Combines predicates with 'AND' keyword. [...]
Creates an empty predicate. [...]


format ↔ String
The string format of the this predicate. [...]
read / write
parameters ↔ Map<String, dynamic>
A map of values to replace in the format string at execution time. [...]
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