appengine library


authClientService → Client
Access the http.Client object available in the current service scope.
no setter
context ClientContext
Returns the ClientContext of the current request.
no setter
loggingService Logging
The logging service.
no setter


isCronJobRequest(HttpRequest request) bool
Returns true, if the incoming request is an AppEngine cron job request.
registerAuthClientService(Client client, {bool close = true}) → void
Registers the http.Client object within the current service scope.
registerLoggingService(Logging service) → void
Register a new Logging object.
runAppEngine(void handler(HttpRequest request), {Function? onError, int port = 8080, bool shared = false, void onAcceptingConnections(InternetAddress address, int port)?}) Future
Starts serving requests coming to this AppEngine application.
useLoggingPackageAdaptor() → void
Will register for log events produced by package:logging and forwards log records to the AppEngine logging service.
withAppEngineServices(Future callback()) Future
Runs callback inside a new service scope with appengine services added.