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App Center Publisher

Dart tooling to upload and distribute app to MS Appcenter by using the rest Appcenter Rest API .


Run pub global activate appcenterpublisher

In order to update the tool use the same pub global activate command



  1. Create an Api token on App Center Read more about how to create such a token here.

  2. Create a yaml file containing the config. For more info see the example config.

  3. Have a binary of the app (e.g. .ipa or .apk) located on the machine from where you want to run this tool.

Run appcenterpublisher publish --apiToken <appcenter apitoken> --binary <path to binary> --config <path to config yaml file>


The tool is not yet complete in the future I will add the following to the tool:

  • Distribute the app to multiple distribution groups at once
  • Add more configuration options:
    • Notify testers (now on by default)
    • Mandatory update (now on by default)