A Flutter plugin for AppCarry SDK.

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When submitting an issue please specify your AppCarry sign-up (account) email , your app ID , reproduction steps, logs, code snippets and any additional relevant information.

Table of content

Supported Platforms

  • Android

This plugin is built for

  • Android AppCarrySDK v1.0.7

📲 Getting started

In order to install the plugin, visit this page.

⚙️ AppCarryOptions

To start using AppCarry you first need to create an instance of AppCarrySdk before using any other of our sdk functionalities.

AppCarrySdk receives a map or AppCarryOptions object. This is how you can configure our AppCarrySdk instance and connect it to your AppCarry account.

Example (using map):

import 'package:appcarry_sdk/appcarry_sdk.dart';

Map AppCarryOptions = { "acDevKey": acDevKey,
                "acAppId": appId,
                "isDebug": true};

AppCarrySdk AppCarrySdk = AppCarrySdk(AppCarryOptions);

🚀 Initializing the SDK

The next step is to call initSdk which have the optional boolean parameters registerConversionDataCallback and `registerOnAppOpenAttributionCallback which are set to true as default.

After we call initSdk we can use all of AppCarry SDK features.

Initialize the SDK to enable AppCarry to detect installations, sessions (app opens) ,updates and use all of our features.

    registerConversionDataCallback: true,
    registerOnAppOpenAttributionCallback: true

📖 Guides

Great installation and setup guides can be viewed here