TrackByFn typedef

TrackByFn = Object Function(int index, dynamic item)

A function that can be used to return a unique key for item at index.

By default, item itself is used as the key to track to instantiate a new template per item in *ngFor. If the data ever changes, AngularDart will consider any object with a different identity (identical) to be different

  • and destroy and re-create a new node.

To optimize performance when you have a way to determine uniqueness other than identity, such as an id field on an object returned from the server, you may specify a TrackByFn`:

class MyComp {
  Object trackByEmployeeId(int index, dynamic item) {
    return item is Employee ? : item;

class Employee {
  int id;

NOTE: It is not safe to simply assume that the second parameter is of your custom type (neither TrackByFn nor NgFor allow that) at this time: You must use an as cast or is check. See the example above.


typedef TrackByFn = Object Function(int index, dynamic item);