toString method

  1. @override
String toString()

A string representation of this object.

Some classes have a default textual representation, often paired with a static parse function (like int.parse). These classes will provide the textual representation as their string representation.

Other classes have no meaningful textual representation that a program will care about. Such classes will typically override toString to provide useful information when inspecting the object, mainly for debugging or logging.


String toString() => path.isEmpty
    ? _noProviderError(token)
    : _noProviderError(token) +
        ':\n  ${path.join(' ->\n  ')} ->\n  $token.\n'
            '**NOTE**: This path is not exhaustive, and nodes may be missing '
            'in between the "->" delimiters. There is ongoing work to improve '
            'this error message and include all the nodes where possible. ';