loadNextToLocation<T> method

  1. @mustCallSuper
ComponentRef<T> loadNextToLocation<T>(
  1. ComponentFactory<T> component,
  2. ViewContainerRef location,
  3. {Injector injector}

Creates and loads a new instance of the component defined by component.

The returned ComponentRef is attached next to the provided location in the DOM, similar to how *ngIf and *ngFor operate.

The following API would load a new component next to currentAd:

  selector: 'ad-view',
  template: r'''
    This component is sponsored by:
    <template #currentAd></template>
class AdViewComponent {
  final ComponentLoader _loader;

  @ViewChild('currentAd', read: ViewContainerRef)
  ViewContainerRef currentAd;


  set component(ComponentFactory component) {
    _loader.loadNextToLocation(component, currentAd);

May optionally define the parent injector, otherwise defaults to the DI hierarchy that is present where in the view container location.


ComponentRef<T> loadNextToLocation<T>(
  ComponentFactory<T> component,
  ViewContainerRef location, {
  Injector injector,
}) {
  return location.createComponent(
    injector ?? location.injector,