origin property

dynamic origin

Configures the Access-Control-Allow-Origin CORS header. Possible values:

  • Boolean - set origin to true to reflect the request origin, as defined by req.header('Origin'), or set it to false to disable CORS.
  • String - set origin to a specific origin. For example if you set it to "http://example.com" only requests from "http://example.com" will be allowed.
  • RegExp - set origin to a regular expression pattern which will be used to test the request origin. If it's a match, the request origin will be reflected. For example the pattern /example\.com$/ will reflect any request that is coming from an origin ending with "example.com".
  • Array - set origin to an array of valid origins. Each origin can be a String or a RegExp. For example ["http://example1.com", /\.example2\.com$/] will accept any request from "http://example1.com" or from a subdomain of "example2.com".
  • bool Function(String) - set origin to a function implementing some custom logic. The function takes the request origin as the first parameter and returns a bool.

Default: '*'


final origin