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Angel framework infrastructure for writing Amazon Alexa skills.

TODO: More docs

Contrived example:

class HelloWorldHandler extends AlexaLaunchRequestHandler {
  bool canHandleTyped(
          AlexaHandlerInput handlerInput, AlexaLaunchRequest request) =>

  AlexaResponseEnvelope handleTyped(
      AlexaHandlerInput handlerInput, AlexaLaunchRequest request) {
    return handlerInput.responseBuilder
        .withSpeech('Hello, Angel framework!')

// We can use any Service<String, Map<String, dynamic>> to store
// persistence data.
// For example, you might use this with a Redis store. Otherwise,
// the default is just an in-memory store.
var adapter = ServicePersistenceAdapter(MapService());

// Create a skill object.
var skill = AlexaSkill(persistenceAdapter: adapter)

// Mount the skill as a route.'/', alexaSkill(skill));