lookUpSetter2 method Null safety

PropertyAccessorElement? lookUpSetter2(
  1. String name,
  2. LibraryElement library,
  3. {bool concrete = false,
  4. bool inherited = false,
  5. bool recoveryStatic = false}

Return the setter with the given name.

If concrete is true, then the concrete implementation is returned, from this type, or its superclass.

If inherited is true, then only setters from the superclass are considered.

If recoveryStatic is true, then static setters of the class, and its superclasses are considered. Clients should not use it.


PropertyAccessorElement? lookUpSetter2(
  String name,
  LibraryElement library, {
  bool concrete = false,
  bool inherited = false,
  bool recoveryStatic = false,