getSmartLeastUpperBound method Null safety

  1. @Deprecated('Use TypeSystem.leastUpperBound instead')
InterfaceType getSmartLeastUpperBound(
  1. InterfaceType first,
  2. InterfaceType second
@Deprecated('Use TypeSystem.leastUpperBound instead')

Returns a "smart" version of the "least upper bound" of the given types.

If these types have the same element and differ only in terms of the type arguments, attempts to find a compatible set of type arguments.

Otherwise, returns the same result as DartType.getLeastUpperBound.


@Deprecated('Use TypeSystem.leastUpperBound instead')
static InterfaceType getSmartLeastUpperBound(
        InterfaceType first, InterfaceType second) =>
    InterfaceTypeImpl.getSmartLeastUpperBound(first, second);