isAssociativeOperator property Null safety

bool isAssociativeOperator

Return true if this type of token represents an associative operator. An associative operator is an operator for which the following equality is true: (a * b) * c == a * (b * c). In other words, if the result of applying the operator to multiple operands does not depend on the order in which those applications occur.

Note: This method considers the logical-and and logical-or operators to be associative, even though the order in which the application of those operators can have an effect because evaluation of the right-hand operand is conditional.


bool get isAssociativeOperator =>
    this == TokenType.AMPERSAND ||
    this == TokenType.AMPERSAND_AMPERSAND ||
    this == TokenType.BAR ||
    this == TokenType.BAR_BAR ||
    this == TokenType.CARET ||
    this == TokenType.PLUS ||
    this == TokenType.STAR;