instantiateToBounds method

  1. @Deprecated('Use TypeSystem.instantiateToBounds2() instead')
FunctionType instantiateToBounds(
  1. {@required NullabilitySuffix nullabilitySuffix}
@Deprecated('Use TypeSystem.instantiateToBounds2() instead')

Produces the function type resulting from instantiating this typedef with type arguments that correspond to the bounds of the type parameters, and the given nullabilitySuffix.

Note that this always instantiates the typedef itself, so for a GenericTypeAliasElement the returned FunctionType might still be a generic function, with type formals. For example, if the typedef is: typedef F


@Deprecated('Use TypeSystem.instantiateToBounds2() instead')
FunctionType instantiateToBounds({
  @required NullabilitySuffix nullabilitySuffix,