MarkerOptions class


MarkerOptions({@required LatLng position, String icon, List icons: const [], num alpha: 1, num anchorU: 0.5, num anchorV: 1, bool draggable: false, bool infoWindowEnable: true, num period: 20, num rotateAngle: 0, bool isFlat: false, bool isGps: false, num infoWindowOffsetX: 0, num infoWindowOffsetY: 0, String snippet: '', String title: '', bool visible: true, bool autoOverturnInfoWindow: false, num zIndex: 0, num displayLevel: 0, bool belowMaskLayer: false, bool lockedToScreen: false, String lockedScreenPoint, String customCalloutView, bool enabled: true, bool highlighted: false, bool selected: false, String leftCalloutAccessoryView, String rightCalloutAccessoryView, dynamic object })
MarkerOptions.fromJson(Map<String, Object> json)


alpha ↔ num
Marker覆盖物的透明度 Android
read / write
anchorU ↔ num
Marker覆盖物锚点在水平范围的比例 Android, iOS
read / write
anchorV ↔ num
Marker覆盖物锚点垂直范围的比例 Android, iOS
read / write
autoOverturnInfoWindow ↔ bool
todo 缺少文档 Android
read / write
belowMaskLayer ↔ bool
是否在掩层下 缺少文档 Android
read / write
customCalloutView ↔ String
自定制弹出框view, 用于替换默认弹出框. iOS暂未实现
read / write
displayLevel ↔ num
显示等级 缺少文档 Android
read / write
draggable ↔ bool
Marker覆盖物是否可拖拽 Android, iOS
read / write
enabled ↔ bool
默认为YES,当为NO时view忽略触摸事件 iOS
read / write
hashCode → int
The hash code for this object. [...]
highlighted ↔ bool
是否高亮 iOS
read / write
icon ↔ String
Marker覆盖物的图标 Android, iOS
read / write
icons ↔ List
Marker覆盖物的动画帧图标列表,动画的描点和大小以第一帧为准,建议图片大小保持一致 Android
read / write
infoWindowEnable ↔ bool
Marker覆盖物的InfoWindow是否允许显示, 可以通过 MarkerOptions.infoWindowEnable(boolean) 进行设置 Android, iOS
read / write
infoWindowOffsetX ↔ num
Marker覆盖物的水平偏移距离 Android, iOS
read / write
infoWindowOffsetY ↔ num
Marker覆盖物的垂直偏移距离 Android, iOS
read / write
isFlat ↔ bool
Marker覆盖物是否平贴地图 Android
read / write
isGps ↔ bool
Marker覆盖物的坐标是否是Gps,默认为false Android
read / write
leftCalloutAccessoryView ↔ String
显示在默认弹出框左侧的view iOS暂未实现
read / write
lockedScreenPoint ↔ String
固定屏幕点的坐标 iOS暂未实现
read / write
lockedToScreen ↔ bool
是否固定在屏幕一点, 注意,拖动或者手动改变经纬度,都会导致设置失效 iOS暂未实现
read / write
object ↔ dynamic
read / write
period ↔ num
设置多少帧刷新一次图片资源,Marker动画的间隔时间,值越小动画越快 Android
read / write
position LatLng
Marker覆盖物的位置坐标 Android, iOS
read / write
rightCalloutAccessoryView ↔ String
显示在默认弹出框右侧的view iOS暂未实现
read / write
rotateAngle ↔ num
Marker覆盖物的图片旋转角度,从正北开始,逆时针计算 Android
read / write
selected ↔ bool
设置是否处于选中状态, 外部如果要选中请使用mapView的selectAnnotation方法 iOS
read / write
snippet ↔ String
设置 Marker覆盖物的文字描述 Android, iOS
read / write
title ↔ String
Marker覆盖物的标题 Android, iOS
read / write
visible ↔ bool
Marker覆盖物是否可见 Android
read / write
zIndex ↔ num
Marker覆盖物 zIndex Android
read / write
runtimeType → Type
A representation of the runtime type of the object.
read-only, inherited


toJson() → Map<String, Object>
toJsonString() → String
toString() → String
Returns a string representation of this object.
noSuchMethod(Invocation invocation) → dynamic
Invoked when a non-existent method or property is accessed.


operator ==(Object other) → bool
The equality operator. [...]