agility_redux_widget library


Retrieves a DispatcherFunction] from an ancestor StoreProvider, and builds builds widgets that can use it. [...]
ViewModel must override == function
A StatelessWidget that provides Store access to its descendants via a static of method.
ViewModelSubscriber<V extends ReduxViewModel>
Transforms a stream of state objects found via StoreProvider into a stream of view models, and builds a Widget each time a distinctly new view model is emitted by that stream. [...]


DispatchWidgetBuilder = Widget Function(BuildContext context, DispatchFunction dispatcher)
Widget builder function that includes a dispatcher capable of dispatching an Action to an inherited Store.
ViewModelConverter<V extends ReduxViewModel> = V Function(ReduxState state)
Creates a new view model instance from the given state object. This method should be used to narrow or filter the data present in state to the minimum required by the ViewModelWidgetBuilder the converter will be used with.
ViewModelWidgetBuilder<V extends ReduxViewModel> = Widget Function(BuildContext context, DispatchFunction dispatcher, V viewModel)
Accepts a BuildContext and ViewModel and builds a Widget in response. A DispatchFunction is provided so widgets in the returned subtree can dispatch new actions to the Store in response to UI events.