agility_redux_widget library


An accumulator for reducer functions. [...]
An action that middleware and afterware methods can return in order to cancel (or "swallow") an action already dispatched to their ReduxStore. Because rebloc uses a stream to track Actions through the dispatch->middleware->reducer->afterware pipeline, a middleware/afterware method should return something. By returning an instance of this class (which is private to this library), a developer can in effect cancel actions via middleware.
Retrieves a DispatcherFunction] from an ancestor StoreProvider, and builds builds widgets that can use it. [...]
Global singleton of ReduxStore
A Redux-style action. Apps change their overall state by dispatching actions to the ReduxStore, where they are acted on by middleware, reducers, and afterware in that order.
ReduxBloc<S, T>
A business logic component that can apply middleware, reducer, and afterware functionality to a ReduxStore by transforming the streams passed into its applyMiddleware, applyReducer, and applyAfterware methods.
Private redux action, receives action only for specified modules.
State of a specific module
The state of each module needs to implement the clone method
A store for app state that manages the dispatch of incoming actions and controls the stream of state objects emitted in response. [...]
SimpleReduxBloc<S, T>
A convenience ReduxBloc class that handles the stream mapping bits for you. Subclasses can simply override middleware, reducer, and afterware to add their implementations.
A StatelessWidget that provides Store access to its descendants via a static of method.
TypedReduxBloc<S, T>
To reduce if judgment, you can register specific types of action handlers
Transforms a stream of state objects found via StoreProvider into a stream of view models, and builds a Widget each time a distinctly new view model is emitted by that stream. [...]
The context in which a middleware or afterware function executes. [...]


DispatchFunction = void Function(ReduxAction action)
A function that can dispatch an ReduxAction to a ReduxStore.
DispatchWidgetBuilder = Widget Function(BuildContext context, DispatchFunction dispatcher)
Widget builder function that includes a dispatcher capable of dispatching an Action to an inherited Store.
TypedMiddlewareFunction = FutureOr<void> Function(DispatchFunction dispatcher, ReduxState state, ReduxAction action)
TypedPrivateReducerFunction<S, T> = T Function(ReduxAction action, S state, T newPrivateState)
TypedReducerFunction<S, T> = S Function(ReduxAction action, S newState, T privateState)
ViewModelConverter<V> = V Function(ReduxState state)
Creates a new view model instance from the given state object. This method should be used to narrow or filter the data present in state to the minimum required by the ViewModelWidgetBuilder the converter will be used with.
ViewModelWidgetBuilder<V> = Widget Function(BuildContext context, DispatchFunction dispatcher, V viewModel)
Accepts a BuildContext and ViewModel and builds a Widget in response. A DispatchFunction is provided so widgets in the returned subtree can dispatch new actions to the Store in response to UI events.