AGConnectCloudDBZoneSyncProperty enum

Synchronization property of the Cloud DB zone, which specifies whether to synchronize data of Cloud DB zone between the device and the cloud and the synchronization mode.


CLOUDDBZONE_CLOUD_CACHE → const AGConnectCloudDBZoneSyncProperty

Cache mode.

Data is stored on the cloud, and data on the device is a subset of data on the cloud. If persistent cache is allowed, Cloud DB supports the automatic caching of query results on the device. After a listener is registered on the device to listen on the data on the cloud, the device is notified only when the data on the cloud changes.

const AGConnectCloudDBZoneSyncProperty(1)
CLOUDDBZONE_LOCAL_ONLY → const AGConnectCloudDBZoneSyncProperty

Local mode.

Data is stored only on the device and is not synchronized to the cloud.

const AGConnectCloudDBZoneSyncProperty(0)
values → const List<AGConnectCloudDBZoneSyncProperty>

A constant List of the values in this enum, in order of their declaration.

const List<AGConnectCloudDBZoneSyncProperty>


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