AGConnectCloudDBExceptionType enum


DATA_ENCRYPTION_KEY_CHANGED → const AGConnectCloudDBExceptionType

The data key on the cloud has been changed but is not updated to the device. The data encrypted using the original key on the device cannot be synchronized to the cloud. The key on the device needs to be updated to the latest version.

const AGConnectCloudDBExceptionType(7)
DATA_SIZE_OVERFLOW → const AGConnectCloudDBExceptionType

The data size is too large.

  • For example, when data is queried on the cloud, the size of the returned result set exceeds the limit.
const AGConnectCloudDBExceptionType(5)
FAILED_PRECONDITION → const AGConnectCloudDBExceptionType

The operation is rejected. The system does not support the current operation. Rectify the fault based on the error information.

  • For example, deleting the Cloud DB zone before closing it will be rejected. Close the Cloud DB zone first.
const AGConnectCloudDBExceptionType(2)
PERMISSION_DENIED → const AGConnectCloudDBExceptionType

The user does not have permissions to perform this operation.

const AGConnectCloudDBExceptionType(3)
RESOURCE_EXHAUSTED → const AGConnectCloudDBExceptionType

Some resources have been exhausted. The number of resources exceeds the upper limit or the system resources are exhausted.

const AGConnectCloudDBExceptionType(0)
TIMEOUT → const AGConnectCloudDBExceptionType

Network connection timed out.

const AGConnectCloudDBExceptionType(1)
UNKNOWN → const AGConnectCloudDBExceptionType

An unknown exception or an exception that does not belong to the AGConnectCloudDBPlugin occurs.

const AGConnectCloudDBExceptionType(4)
USER_KEY_ILLEGALITY → const AGConnectCloudDBExceptionType

The entered user password is invalid.

  • For example, the password does not meet the password requirements or the password is incorrect.
const AGConnectCloudDBExceptionType(6)
values → const List<AGConnectCloudDBExceptionType>

A constant List of the values in this enum, in order of their declaration.

const List<AGConnectCloudDBExceptionType>
ZONE_NOT_FOUND → const AGConnectCloudDBExceptionType

Cloud DB Zone not found, first try to open it.

const AGConnectCloudDBExceptionType(8)


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