Flutter plugin project to show in app review dialog by google play.

This plugin only support android os

Getting Started

You can simply start using this plugin by calling this method in your desired flow:

await startInAppReview();

in case error happens, you can fallback by calling the method like this one

AdrInAppReview.startInAppReview().then((value) => print('result $value'))
        .catchError((e) {
            // only to avoid crash when error happened and not being handled

The google play in app review has a quota, so make sure you don't excessively use it, you can use it for example the user already used/experienced some feature on your app. For more info on best practices, visit:


When you running on debug mode, the review dialog won't show, in this case you just need to make sure that the method startInAppReview() return true. If you want to test in real environment, you need to upload the apk on Google Play Internal App Sharing or using Internal Test Track note that to be able to use those, you will need a google play developer account and already published app. More Info on how do you test, you can check it here:


To run the sample, you can open the sample project and run it from there.


Ss 1Ss2Ss3

note: in above screenshots, I used internal app sharing therefore the submit button is disabled