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User Messaging Platform wrapper used for consent gathering (i.e. GDPR, ATT or both) on Android and iOS. Uses Google's new User Messaging Platform with Funding Choices.


Example 1Example 2
Example 1Example 2


To use this plugin, add admob_consent as a dependency in your pubspec.yaml file.


1. Funding Choices

  • Create a Funding Choices account
  • Create respective messages inside Funding Choices for your desired app and publish them

2. Android Setup

Make sure to have added your app ID to AndroidManifest.xml.


3. iOS Setup

Make sure to have added your app ID to Info.plist.


3.1 iOS ATT Dialog

If you intend to use this SDK for Apple's new ATT requirement (iOS 14+), add the following to Info.plist. If you have the IDFA message enabled in Funding Choices, the ATT dialog will appear automatically after it within your app. More information here.

<string>This identifier will be used to deliver personalized ads to you.</string>

Next, you'll need to link the AppTrackingTransparency framework by going to your application's target in Xcode and clicking the plus icon on Frameworks, Libraries and Embedded Content tab. See Google's guide here.


import 'package:admob_consent/admob_consent.dart';

final AdmobConsent _admobConsent = AdmobConsent();

// Form won't appear (again) if it isn't required, you can safely call this at app start; // Internally defaults to: forceShow: false

// Form will appear (again) even if consent was already configured (i.e. use in button to let user manage his consent) true);


You can listen to the onConsentFormLoaded, onConsentFormOpened, onConsentFormObtained and onConsentFormError streams. The UMP SDK should handle most of the things though.

_admobConsent.onConsentFormObtained.listen((o) {
  // Obtained consent

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