CalculationMethod enum

Standard calculation methods for calculating prayer times





muslim_world_league → const CalculationMethod

Muslim World League Uses Fajr angle of 18 and an Isha angle of 17

egyptian → const CalculationMethod

Egyptian General Authority of Survey Uses Fajr angle of 19.5 and an Isha angle of 17.5

karachi → const CalculationMethod

University of Islamic Sciences, Karachi Uses Fajr angle of 18 and an Isha angle of 18

umm_al_qura → const CalculationMethod

Umm al-Qura University, Makkah Uses a Fajr angle of 18.5 and an Isha angle of 90. Note: You should add a +30 minute custom adjustment of Isha during Ramadan.

dubai → const CalculationMethod

The Gulf Region Uses Fajr and Isha angles of 18.2 degrees.

moon_sighting_committee → const CalculationMethod

Moon Sighting Committee Uses a Fajr angle of 18 and an Isha angle of 18. Also uses seasonal adjustment values.

north_america → const CalculationMethod

Referred to as the ISNA method This method is included for completeness, but is not recommended. Uses a Fajr angle of 15 and an Isha angle of 15.

kuwait → const CalculationMethod

Kuwait Uses a Fajr angle of 18 and an Isha angle of 17.5

qatar → const CalculationMethod

Qatar Modified version of Umm al-Qura that uses a Fajr angle of 18.

singapore → const CalculationMethod

Singapore Uses a Fajr angle of 20 and an Isha angle of 18

turkey → const CalculationMethod


tehran → const CalculationMethod

Institute of Geophysics, University of Tehran. Early Isha time with an angle of 14°. Slightly later Fajr time with an angle of 17.7°. Calculates Maghrib based on the sun reaching an angle of 4.5° below the horizon.

other → const CalculationMethod

The default value for CalculationParameters.method when initializing a CalculationParameters object. Sets a Fajr angle of 0 and an Isha angle of 0.


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values → const List<CalculationMethod>
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[muslim_world_league, egyptian, karachi, umm_al_qura, dubai, moon_sighting_committee, north_america, kuwait, qatar, singapore, turkey, tehran, other]