pub package

Flutter plugin that allows opening a native UI to add an event with custom parameters to user's calendar


Declare a pubspec dependency in your Flutter project.

In iOS

Add NSCalendarsUsageDescription String entry in your info.plist explaining why you require calendar access permissions.

What is it for?

It allows developers

How to use it?

You can check the Example app to see a real use case on how to trigger the native view to add custom events to user's calendar. Snippet of the main function of the plugin:

  /// Function responsible of triggering the native view to create a custom event in user's calendar using given parameters
  /// [title] is String value of the title to be filled
  /// [startTime] DateTime with the start time of the event
  /// [endTime] DateTime with the end time of the event. Optional if [isAllDay] is true, required otherwise.
  /// [isAllDay] bool value stating if the event will be a full day event
  /// [location] optional String with the location of the event
  /// [description] optional String with the description of the event
  /// [frequency] optional int with the information about recurrence of the event
  /// [frequencyType] optional enum that states the frequency. Daily, weekly, monthly
  static Future addToCalendar({
    @required String title,
    @required DateTime startTime,
    DateTime endTime,
    bool isAllDay = false,
    String location,
    String description,
    int frequency,
    FrequencyType frequencyType,