Flutter AdColony

Note: Currently only Android platform is supported.

Note: AndroidX is required.

Getting Started

1. Initialization

Call Adcolony.initialize(); during app initialization.

Adcolony.initialize(appid: 'your_app_id', zoneid: ['your_zones_ids']);

2. Request Interstitial Ad and Rewarded Video Ad

Adcolony.requestInterstitial(zoneid: 'your_zone_interstitial_id');

3. Show Ad

Adcolony.onRequestFilled = () {

4. ProGuard Configuration

# For communication with AdColony's WebView
-keepclassmembers class * { 
    @android.webkit.JavascriptInterface <methods>; 
# For removing warnings due to lack of Multi-Window support
-dontwarn android.app.Activity


OnRequestFilledCalled in response to an ad request when the request has been successfully filled.
OnRequestNotFilledCalled in response to an ad request when the request failed to fill.
OnOpenedCalled when the interstitial ad opens.
OnExpiringCalled when an intersitial expires and is no longer valid for playback.
OnRewardCalled when the rewarded video ends successfully.

Future Work

Implement for iOS platform.