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This project is aimed to bring a test data generator to Dart's ecosystem. This will greatly simplify unit testing and especially Test-Driven Development.

This project is inspired by .NET Autofixture library.

Supported features

  • Effortless primitive types (String, int, double, bool, DateTime, enums) generating.
  • Effortless complex object generating using constructors/factory methods/named constructors (default values usage is customizable).
  • Overriding default generating behavior with custom factories, pinned values defined by user or auto generated.
  • Overriding default generating behavior for specific cases using any object as a key.
  • Lists (and Iterables) generating with customizable size: it is effortless for primitive types and require explicit registration for enums and complex types.
  • Maps of customizable size generating with explicit registration.
  • Support of recursive graphs (trees, linked lists and etc) with customizable recursion level.
  • Generic class instances generating with explicit factory registration.
  • Customization of ctor resolution: first defined, random, random named, random default.
  • Overriding generated parameters values by type and name for cases when random values are not applicable.
  • Creating aliases for inheritor classes


This is my first Dart project and, actually, this is "pet-project". So there are no exact plans and etc. For planned features and more see enhancements on github.


Test data generator for Dart. Create instance of activatory and use get method to gather test object. Any required parameters will be substituted automatically and recursively. For more information see