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This project is aimed to bring a test data generator to Dart's ecosystem. This will greatly simplify unit testing and especially Test-Driven Development.

This project is inspired by .NET Autofixture library.

This is my first Dart project. Actually, this is my "pet-project" so there are no exact plans and etc.

Project TODO's:

  • x Add primitive types support
  • x Add complex types support
    • x using constructor
    • x using factory methods
    • x using named constructors
    • x using default argument values for positional arguments
    • x using named arguments
    • x using default argument values for named arguments
  • Customization of complex object factory strategy selection: random/round robin/first/shortest/longest
  • x Add ability to explicit register factory
  • x Add fixed (singleton) values support
  • Add parameter overloading by name
  • Add parameter overloading by type
  • Add configuration layers and reusability for complex cases
  • Add paramsObject and paramsObject to factory matching
  • Add ability to customize context before data generation without saving settings to context
  • Add paramsObject layering
  • *Read autofixture sources to gather ideas and vision
  • *Add examples and docs
  • *Add CI/CD:
    • *build and publish to pub
    • *coverage reports
  • Add nice looking readme and github repo info
  • Add recursion handling (which one strategy should be used?)
  • Encapsulate all errors inside library (throws only ActivatoryException)
  • Add feature customization (e.g. ctor resolution strategy, default values handling and etc)


Test data generator for Dart. Create instance of activatory and use get method to gather test object. Any required parameters will be substituted automatically and recursively. For more information see