A new Flutter package.


This project deals with flutter alert dialog's package, a library module containing code that can be utilised in flutter projects to create a alert dialog.

A customized alert dialog can be obtained using the available parameters.

For help getting started with abhi_flutter-alertdialog, view our online documentation, which offers tutorials, samples, guidance on mobile development, and a full API reference.


  abhi_flutter_alertdialog: [latest version]


Alert dialog can be customized using the parameters available

** Content **

These parameters are the basic parameter used to display details of the alert dialog.

  • Title : String format title to be displayed.
  • Content : String format content to be displayed.
  • action1 : Button 1 text to be displayed.
  • action2 : Button 2 text to be displayed.

** Functional **

These parameters are used to perform action on the button clicks. You need to pass the function to the parameter so that the operation is performed on button click.

  • function1 : This is the function to be performed on first button click.
  • function2 : This is the function to be performed on second button click.


  functionB(BuildContext context) {

** Design **

These parameters are used to customize design changes to the alert dialog.

  • div : Add a divider line in the dialog above buttons.

  • txtAlign : Align the text to left, center and right using this key.

              - left   : 1
              - center : 2
              - right  : 3
  • radius : Radius of the alert box can be specified in double format.

  • boxColor : Box background color can be specified.

  • btnTxtColor : Button text color can be specified.

  • txtColor : Title, Content text color is specified.


A sample dialog showing the usage of the library.

    context: context,
    builder: (context) => AlertDialog1(
      context: context,
      title: 'Welcome ',
      content: 'Hi how are you',
      action1: 'continue',
      action2: 'cancel',
      function1: () => functionA(),
      function2: () => functionB(context),
      div: true,
      txtAlign: 1,
      radius: 2.0,
      boxColor: Colors.white,
      btnTxtColor: Colors.blue,
      txtColor: Colors.black,

Alert_Dialog Alert_Dialog Alert_Dialog Alert_Dialog Alert_Dialog Alert_Dialog