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Flutter Favorites

Some of the packages that demonstrate the highest levels of quality, selected by the Flutter Ecosystem Committee


Customize Flutter's default white native splash screen with background color and splash image. Supports dark mode, full screen, and more.


Flutter plugin for Firebase Core, enabling connecting to multiple Firebase apps.


A flutter package project which contains a collection of cool and beautiful text animations.


The Font Awesome Icon pack available as Flutter Icons. Provides 1600 additional icons to use in your apps.

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Most popular packages

Some of the most downloaded packages over the past 60 days


Default icons asset for Cupertino widgets based on Apple styled icons


Utility functions and classes related to the dart:typed_data library.


Collections and utilities functions and classes related to collections.


Useful Unicode glyphs and ASCII substitutes.


Flutter plugin for SQLite, a self-contained, high-reliability, embedded, SQL database engine.


Provides server and web apps the ability to load, manipulate, and save images with various image file formats including PNG, JPEG, GIF, BMP, WebP, TIFF, TGA, PSD, PVR, and OpenEXR.

Top Flutter packages

Some of the top packages that extend Flutter with new features


Flutter plugin for launching a URL. Supports web, phone, SMS, and email schemes.


The Flutter Calendar widget has nine built-in configurable views that provide basic functionalities for scheduling and representing appointments/events efficiently.


Flutter plugin for Firebase Auth, enabling Android and iOS authentication using passwords, phone numbers and identity providers like Google, Facebook and Twitter.


Flutter plugin for Firebase Cloud Messaging, a cross-platform messaging solution that lets you reliably deliver messages on Android and iOS.


Provides a collection of Flutter grids layouts (staggered, masonry, quilted, woven, etc.).


Now you can add features to the Android / iOS keyboard in a very simple way.

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Top Dart packages

Some of the top packages for any Dart-based app or program


Injectable is a convenient code generator for get_it. Inspired by Angular DI, Guice DI and inject.dart.


A convinent request router for the shelf web-framework, with support for URL-parameters, nested routers and routers generated from source annotations.


Immutable collections based on the SDK collections. Each SDK collection class is split into a new immutable collection class and a corresponding mutable builder class.


A dynamic parser framework to build efficient grammars and parsers quickly.


Linter rules corresponding to the guidelines in Effective Dart.


Dart library to connect to Ethereum clients. Send transactions and interact with smart contracts!

Package of the Week

Package of the Week is a series of quick, animated videos, each of which covers a particular package

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google_fonts (Package of the Week)
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Connectivity (Flutter Package of the Week)
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Device_info (Flutter Package of the Week)
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